Welcome to The Knish Chronicles

A blog is a big responsibility. And I am one who takes on too much responsibility at the same time I stress and rebel against it.

But, after many people – you know who you are – told me, begged me, nagged me to start a blog, here I am.

This blog is about food and home cooking because I love to cook. It is about community because without a community who are you going to cook for? And it is about my life, here in the central highlands of Mexico.

My husband, Mark, and I moved to Mexic0 – San Miguel de Allende to be exact – in December 2005. We left and returned to the States – Portland, Oregon, to be exact – in September 2007. Our time was horrible; we arrived at the very start of the Great Recession and watched our investments and nest egg dwindle away.

We returned to Mexico – San Miguel de Allende, again – in March 2011. We are happy to be back. For me, San Miguel is where my heart is and where I love to be. They call this part of Mexico the City of Eternal Spring. To me, it is the place where I am the person I always I thought I was.

I hope you enjoy this blog. There’s some of Mexico in it, some of Portland, Oregon, and of course a lot of New York where I grew up.

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