Oysters: In the Middle of Mexico

Every Saturday I go to the local Organic Farmer’s market here in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.  I buy coffee, vegetables, eggs, avocados (Yum!), cheese, bread and fish.

A local store, La Isla, has fresh fish flown in twice a week – Wednesday and Friday. The fish that arrives on Friday is brought to the market. If I want a special order, I can call him on Wednesday and he’ll bring it to me on Saturday.

For the last month or so, he has had oysters at the market. I haven’t bought any for a number of reasons. The major reasons being that Mark doesn’t like raw oysters and I don’t want to shuck the oysters myself.

However, last week I spoke with Miguel and he said that he can shuck the oysters for me. His wife, who is French and sell quiches at the market, said I can make “snail butter” and grill the oysters. Now that’s something both Mark and I would like.

As most things go in San Miguel, we decided to make a party of it. I decided to make a seafood happy hour party for a “small” group of nine. I made shrimp scampi, baked clams, and oysters, two ways.

baked clams

The first way I cooked the oysters was pretty straightforward. Place the shucked oysters on a baking sheet, top each oyster with “snail” butter, and bake at 425 degrees for about 10 minutes. They came out perfect!

The second way I cooked the oysters was similar, except that I topped each oyster with puff pastry.  I cooked them a bit longer – about 15 minutes so that the pastry was golden brown. They were delicious.

oysters with puff pastry1

It was a great party with good friends and wonderful food. How could I go wrong?

oyster table

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