Happy Hour

I love Happy Hour.  What’s not to love? At the end of the day, you sit down with your loved one, perhaps a friend or two, have a drink (martinis!) and a snack or two.

Of course the real trick is not to eat, or drink, too much and spoil dinner. Most of the time, we’re controlled and just have one drink and a small treat. But sometimes we go all the way and eat way too much. Then we skip dinner.

We started our Happy Hour tradition the first time we lived in Mexico. Before that time, we worked and didn’t have the time to have a Happy Hour.  After arriving in Mexico, we realized that all our old rules, habits and traditions were no longer viable. We could start new ones. So, we did.

Every afternoon, around 5 pm or so, we’d sit in our small courtyard and have a happy hour. Now, we sit in our back courtyard, or sometimes in our living room, to have our happy hour. It just depends on the weather. Sometimes it is too hot outside, or wet during the rainy season. This time of year, it is very pleasant out there and we often have our happy outside.


In our first Happy Hour repast in Mexico, we just had some cheese and meats, with a cocktail. We’ve since expanded our offerings.

I like to grill some bread, swipe it with a slice of garlic and then a bit of olive oil. Sometimes I have grilled peppers to place on the bread, with or without some cheese. I usually grill the peppers on the bbq while I’m grilling dinner. I char the peppers, put them in a plastic bag, and then peel the skin off. They are very sweet this time of year.

I also roasted some cherry tomatoes. They are also very sweet and nice to put on grilled bread.

Lately, I’m into tapenade. I love it on the grilled bread with a thin slice of the roasted peppers on top and maybe some burrata cheese. Yum!


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